Waste Collection Changes

Ward Councillors were briefed recently on changes to the waste collection days in up to 14% of homes in the Borough.

This affects some roads in Beddington North and those who will be having changes will hopefully have received notifications as detailed in the document:

This is the implementation of a South London Waste Partnership Strategy across Croydon, Sutton and Merton and there will be a certain level of chaos – guaranteed!

Today we received further notice from Mary Morrissey, Strategic Director of Environment, Housing and Regeneration that included this piece of management gobbledigook – so if you don’t really understand the letters and postcards you have received, you are probably in good company.

As always, your local Councillors will help where they can – if your road is not listed, and you have not received letters and postcards, your service will be as normal !!??

Risks and Mitigations A full risk register has been prepared for the change project, with the main risks detailed below, with associated mitigation activities:

Due to the proposed changes taking place at the same time as the mobilisation of Croydon (September) and Merton (October), any challenges with implementation will put Veolia under increased pressure, which could limit the amount of resource available to Sutton. Through working with the South London Waste Partnership and attendance at the mobilisation board, officers will seek to mitigate this risk.

The number of properties affected by each change have been finalised. However officers will continue to work closely with Veolia to ensure due diligence is being undertaken on the data at both project and operational levels and any changes such as new builds within the area of change becoming occupied, are taken into account .

With the transfer of some rounds to Croydon crews, there is the risk of the loss of local knowledge from current Sutton crews, which could adversely impact upon collections where layout or collection points are non standard. Work is therefore being undertaken through crew shadowing and supervision to mitigate this.

Due to the planned changes, there is a risk of an increase in missed collections when the new service goes live. To mitigate this, three lines of communication material is being distributed to affected residents. As some residents may be away on holiday, officers will review and and a fourth line put in place if necessary.

The number of days between collections will be longer than 16 or 21 days in some cases. This would leave residents with high volumes of waste uncollected over the period. This will be mitigated by additional collections taking place where there is a wait longer than 14 days, with the cost being borne by Veolia.

Green garden waste collections will remain on the current collection day after the changes have been implemented. This could cause some confusion amongst residents. Separate garden waste communications will therefore be sent out to ensure this is properly understood.

There is the potential for some risks to occur at the same time. Therefore, interdepencies are being identified through the project risk register and appropriate mitigations developed. The proposed changes, risks, mitigations and communications materials have been fully assessed, consulted on and agreed with the Chair of the Environment and Neighbourhoods Committee.

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