Some Progress on Beddington Farmlands

Since our election last year, Cllr Green and myself have been pushing for information and progress on the Conservation and Access Management Committee (CAMC).

The CAMC was established to have oversight of the restoration of the landfill site at Beddington and its formation was a Planning Condition for the incinerator.

After some tough meetings with LBS Planning as well as correspondence with Viridor Managing Director, Phil Piddington, yesterday saw an “extraordinary meeting of the CAMC” with Dan Cook, Group Head of Sustainability for Viridor’s parent company, Pennon, in the Chair.

Pleased to say that we put the position forward very clearly and, as Councillors, we were looking to future access and development of the Farmlands as an asset and emphasising that a level of trust had been lost and needs to be restored – most demonstrably by progress.

A road map to help measure that progress was put in front of us:

Beddington Farmlands Restoration Roadmap

We then went on a brief tour of the site and saw the new bird hides under construction that will be accessible when the Permissive Path becomes useable when SDEN’s builders finish.

Bird Hides on Beddington Farmlands

Just a note on that Permissive Path – a question was asked at Local Committee on Tuesday evening about cycle use and we are pleased to confirm that it is being adapted for exactly that use!

The next meeting for the CAMC has been set for June 13th and we will publish timely minutes of all future meetings together with action points.


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