Reflections on Democracy

Now the dust has settled on the By-Election in Wallington North, it is perhaps time for a little reflection on what it all means.

The Liberal Democrat candidate won and there may be celebrants of that fact but I cannot be one of them – not because of the faults, foibles or anything else surrounding the candidate or his party but rather that just 2,726 people turned out to vote – just 31.36% of the electorate.


Politicians of all parties appear to have accepted, even embraced this apathy because they can win a seat by polling less than 12% of the vote.  With the encouragement of postal voting, it means that a well organised minority party can virtually win before polling day – the identity of the person on the ballot paper or their abilities are an insignificant part of the equation.

We have seen plenty of this at a National level with the fools in Westminster – the most sinister impact on all of us if we respond to this in the wrong way, in other words with the levels of apathy shown locally.

We need involvement, we need commitment and anyone following the local saga of the London Borough of Sutton’s Parking Strategy will know that we need to make ourselves heard. 

Sandra Ackland and her team are in the process of delivering 46,000 leaflets in those areas where residents are already realising that the steamroller of Liberal Democrat disdain for democracy and residents’ opinions is already in evidence.

It is going to affect everybody who owns a car or a van – or needs to provide care visits or even earn a living.  Get informed – Get Involved – Get Vocal.

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