LOCAL Elections mean you can choose LOCAL Representatives

The emphasis on Local in the title is deliberate because it is about the streets that we live in, the schools our children attend and services to support the local community.

Your vote is not a vote about Corbyn or May – it is not about the NHS or Brexit – it is about local representation of your ward in the London Borough of Sutton.

We are familiar with the way career politicians are parachuted into General Elections – Emina Ibrahim, who represented Labour in last year’s General Election is a local Councillor …… in Haringey.  (There must be something about Haringey – Niall Bolger, the Chief Executive of the London Borough of Sutton and his financial right-hand man, Gerald Almeroth both came to us from Haringey!)

But local issues need local representation – people who live with the day to day outcomes of Council policy.

To the main political parties, representative numbers in Council are everything – in Beddington North for example, the Liberal Democrats have brought in an established political figure…….. from Carshalton.  That’s a long way from the lorries in Beddington Lane or the planned development chaos of Sheen Way!

And Labour too – every one of their Beddington North candidates has stood for election in other wards.  It seems party representation first, residents second. Of course, the Conservatives had a replacement ready to fill the breach left when one of their candidates withdrew – to all major parties, it’s just about the numbers.

I have lived in my ward for nearly 40 years, I raised a family here and I am standing as a candidate for Beddington North because we residents have become a secondary consideration to the current administration and, it appears, all political parties.

It is rewarding to know that I am not alone in believing in the need for Independent local action and I am proud to join Jillian Green and Nick Mattey to offer local residents a real choice on May 3rd, because it is really all about local residents not National political interests.

We are passionate about restoring pride in the where we live, helping to create a Borough to be proud of!



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