It’s called Local Election because all the things that concern you are local to you!

That was really brought home to me by an ongoing situation of a local planning issue.  Wandle Bank is a small cul de sac with older terraces of houses running the length of its unmade road, that is the responsibility of the residents and next to the road, the River Wandle.  Behind those houses lie their gardens and a single bungalow with a garden that stretches for perhaps three quarters of the length of the terraces.

Behind that bungalow lies the Flood Channel for the River Wandle and to the west, a terrace of houses that front onto Beddington Lane.

The owner of the bungalow has just submitted a Planning Application to demolish the building and build 4 houses – nothing wrong with that is there?

Well there is because planning applications were submitted in 2012, 2013,2016,2017 now 2018 and there was even a Planning Appeal turned down.  In spite of objections by residents from Wandle Bank and Beddington Lane, rejection by Transport, those residents are having to go through the trauma of the planning process all over again.

That is a very local issue and they deserve support from their elected representatives – but you have to be local to appreciate the issues and work on their behalf.

The same applies to the residents of Sheen Way with the prospect of construction of a new school on the Highview Estate and it applied to those in Chiswick Close, Twickenham Close and Richmond Road when the Richmond Green development was pushed through.

To planners, our houses are like little blocks of Lego on a board – to us, they are our homes, our refuge, our pride and our children’s future, that is why we need strong  local representatives at Council.

Vote for Jillian Green, Nick Mattey and Tim Foster in Beddington North on Thursday – we live here, we care and we will be very vocal on your behalf.



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