Core Principles

Let’s See Sutton Change

Councillors have a statutory duty to work to the benefit of all residents of the Borough of Sutton.

For the past four years, Sutton Independents have sat on all the important committees of the Council offering residents a real voice and ensuring residents’ wishes were not sacrificed in silence to the misguided policies of the ruling party.

With a new election, there can be no certainty of which party will have a majority, however, voting Independent will potentially give you six loud voices in your corner – making sure that we are not cursed by another blot on the landscape like the incinerator.  We have no magic wand for change but we will be listening and putting your point across.

New Horizons for Future Generations?

We do have a short list of ambitions:

  1. A measurable improvement in air quality across the Borough
  2. A sensible review of the parking and traffic issues that blight the Borough
  3. Cleaner streets
  4. Improved public transport links – give people a real alternative to their cars
  5. Better news circulation in the absence of a true local paper – communicating regularly with residents
  6. Build on the involvement of community groups to let people know they can change their lives and don’t need a politician to change it for them,
  7. Work to integrate the Beddington Farmlands and Beddington Park as a massive civic amenity for the Borough
  8. Support local arts and culture groups and the Cryer Theatre
  9. A wholesale review of waste contracts with Viridor and Veolia
  10. A root and branch review of Council owned companies
  11. A major change in how we deal with SEN education and especially the application process for EHCP’s
  12. Improved policing
  13. Review the 2018 Local Plan to ensure that we build infrastructure not just flats.
  14. Encouraging central Government on Social Care reforms to offer the very best for our elderly residents.