By-Election in Wallington North – an Opportunity to think Independently

In May 2018, Beddington North Ward saw the greatest number of candidates for any ward in the London Borough of Sutton:

  • Liberal Democrats
  • Labour
  • Conservative
  • Green
  • UKIP
  • Independent

The result was that three Independent Councillors were elected by the residents of Beddington North – people wanted their voice heard!

The three, Jillian Green, Nick Mattey and Tim Foster formed a Group in the Council – Sutton Independent Residents – which has ensured proportional representation on Council committees meaning that Independent voices, not constrained by political or party allegiances are being heard.

We three are throwing our weight behind  Gervais Sawyer, Independent Candidate in the by-election in Wallington North on 28th March.

Gervais Sawyer, as a long- term local resident, can add volume to that Independent voice.  One of the most important roles for a Councillor is to scrutinise what is done in the name of local residents for local residents.  As we have seen on the National stage, even members of particular political groups will question their leadership on important issues.

Those who attend Local Committees and the Full Council will be familiar with the fact that there are no questions forthcoming from the ruling Liberal Democrat Councillors even on contentious matters like the current Parking Strategy when even local MP, Tom Brake, has questioned certain elements on social media.

The residents of Wallington North need a voice to ask the difficult questions on their behalf – Gervais Sawyer, as an Independent Councillor will do just that.

If you have not yet received your election leaflet, check out the link below.


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