Bin it for Beddington

The more observant of you may already have noticed three additional pieces of street furniture arrive in the past 24 hours – new bins!!

Bridgers Lane/Bridle Path
Guy Road path to Beddington Park
Richmond Road footpath to Derry Road Junction






Residents have regularly complained about litter and dog mess especially on the paths to Beddington Park Primary so when there was an opportunity to ask for some Public Realm money, we asked for some more bins.

But having the bins is not enough – people need to use them – we hear complaints, quite justified, about missed bin collections and the flawed waste plan but the state of the streets is down to us and the pride we have in where we live.

Our logo was designed by Reece Tumbridge, a Beddington based graphic artist and is a platform we plan to use to engage everyone especially local schools.

Let’s take pride in where we live, where we work and where we play.

If you’ve finished your takeaway, find a bin and throw your rubbish away.

If you’ve finished your drink bin the can or the bottle and if your dog’s done its business, bag it and

Bin it for Beddington.




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