Wallington North By-Election – A Candidate to Believe

Well, as promised, Sutton Independent Residents have been out in support of the Independent candidate in the Wallington North By-Election, Gervais Sawyer.

Coming through letterboxes this week has been a second leaflet and if you get the chance to read it, there is a lot of common sense – Gervais is saying the sort of thing ordinary people are saying. That’s because he is just another resident of the London Borough of Sutton who has endured nearly four decades of Liberal Democrat local government and recognises the need for change.

Not another group of politicians, wearing blue or red rosettes, who think they know better but rather representatives who listen and then act on what is needed.

Independent of political dogma and Independent of spirit

On March 28th, vote for change in Wallington North, vote Gervais Sawyer, Indepenedent.

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