Wallington By-Election Today – Make Sure That You Have Your Say

This morning, the Polling Stations in Wallington North are already open and some of you will have cast your votes early – postal voters even earlier!

There is a full turn out of candidates – Conservatives, Green, Labour, Liberal Democrat, Independent, UKIP and Christian Alliance – I only hope that they are matched by an equally enthusiastic electorate!


Because it is your chance to have your say – it doesn’t matter what your motivation is, it may be that you are fed up with something Nationally like the NHS or Brexit.  Or maybe you are fed up with the current administration locally – there are probably enough reasons for both.

Why should I bother – it won’t change anything?

You’re right, if you don’t bother, nothing will change – the current crop of politicians depends on voter apathy.  Right now, thousands of residents in St Helier and the Wrythe are forming action groups about the current Parking Strategy because every household that did not reply to the questionnaire from the Council was taken as approving it.

If you think everything in your world is just right, stay at home – it’s what they want.  If you want to see some changes, then please, please get out and cast your vote – obviously I’d prefer to see that vote for the Independent candidate, Gervais Sawyer, but more than anything, I want to see people getting involved and voting.

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