Unusual Priorities


Yesterday afternoon on the hoarding around the Richmond Green development, the moderately sized artist’s impression of the proposed houses was replaced by a huge Perspex poster with a similar image but boasting of “building new homes for local people” pointing to a web address of sutton.gov.uk/newcouncilhousing .

On 11th September at a Full Council Meeting, I asked Councillor Jayne McCoy, Chair of the Housing Economic & Business Committee:

“It has been stated that some of the properties will be for affordable rent and some may be intermediate housing which is defined as homes for rent or for sale at a cost below market levels, this can include shared ownership housing where the occupier only purchases up to 35% of the equity and pays rent on the remainder or where the occupier pays an intermediate rent which is less than a market rent.  All fall within the definition of affordable housing.

What proportion will be shared ownership and will land value be taken into account when calculating “market” levels?”

In spite of the £7+ million  cost of the development, Ms McCoy was unable to provide an answer to that question especially disappointing given that the development required the demolition of 28 fully rented council properties but they have clearly.

This poster clearly clarifies the position – but I will ask!

However, if it is the case, why the expenditure on an expensive, oversized poster to advertise the fact.  I could understand if this was a developer trying to market the houses but these aren’t for sale, are they?

In an environment where the London Borough of Sutton Planning Department has consistently declined to enforce planning conditions and we have a pleasant riverside meadow that local residents have seen turned into a quagmire and roadway   s/footpaths destroyed by heavy lorries.

Consider – every HGV that has chewed Richmond Green to pieces has travelled the length of Richmond Road and the damage will be mirrored on that carriageway.

The London Borough of Sutton cannot protect the environment for local residents but it can spend enormous amounts of money promoting itself – if there an election soon?

Residents near the Ludlow site and Fellowes Road can expect the same soon!




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