Sutton Link – worth the cost of building 5,000 homes?

Options 1,2 and 3 for the Sutton Link

Many of you will have received a letter from Councillor Jayne McCoy regarding Public Consultation on the proposed Sutton Link.

You are invited to log on to and, believeing as we do in public involvement in our Borough, we would encourage you all to do so.

There are three options of route and two options of transport  – a Tram or what they term as BRT – Bus Rapid Transit.


Artist Impression of a tram in Throwley Way

A tram is built to run on tracks, the BRT is a tram on rubber tyres – separated from traffic like a tram, it runs of a special  road surface to ensue a smooth ride.  Smaller than a tram but very different from the buses you are familiar with.

And there is a big difference in cost:

Route Tram Cost BRT
Route Option 1 – South Wimbledon to Sutton town centre £425 million £275 million
Route Option 2 – Colliers Wood to Sutton town centre £425 million £275 million
Route Option 3 – Wimbledon to Sutton town centre £300 million N/A

Remember Route 3 would be delayed because of Crossrail 2 and when you are responding – try to think of the bigger picture.

Artist Impression of a BRT at Throwley Way

The first survey in 2014 asked about a Tram Link between Wimbledon and Sutton Town Centre had the support of 84% of the 10,000 respondents.  But this is not necessarily another branch of the Tram that we know.

And the quid pro quo from the London Mayor is that Merton build 5,000 new homes and that Sutton build 5,000 homes as well – so stop and consider what is on offer against the number of additional people that those 5,000 homes will represent – and the schools and the GP surgeries and other infrastructure that is needed.

Jayne McCoy and Ruth Dombey, her Leader have their political ambitions and sights on the Sutton Link being the first step on the road to a Tram/BRT extension to the London Cancer Hub in which they have already invested £28 million in land acquisition.

The thing is, the £28 million and the other costs are not coming out of politicians’ pockets – it is out of ours.  So look carefully at what is on offer and weigh their political ambition against what we need now.


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