School Streets Consultations

The dust has barely settled from the controversy of LTN’s and School Streets implemented in past months and a recent Social Media posting about a Focus leaflet distributed in Carshalton Central brought wider attention to a live consultation on the Council website for  the school streets scheme for All Saints School in Rotherfield Road.

One questions the wisdom a graphical representation to show the Labour Party’s position when the same graph serves to contradict the usual “Liberal Democrats Winning Here” but then none of the content of these leaflets survives careful examination!

Apparently local residents have also received letters about the consultation.

However, those with school age children will know that school allocation is not always “round the corner” and they have to travel around the borough to get their kids to school. 

So I thought I would check out what other consultations are happening on school streets and the list on the Council website is extensive.  Log on to and you will see a list that looks like this:

All Saints’ Carshalton Church of England Primary School (Rotherfield Road)

Bandon Hill Primary School and Sherwood Hill School (Beddington Gardens)

Carshalton Boys Sports College (Winchcombe Road)

Cheam Common Infants’ and Junior Academy (Kingsmead Avenue)

Cheam Fields Primary Academy (Stoughton Avenue)

Cheam Park Farm Junior Academy (Kingston Avenue)

St Elpheges Catholic Infants and Juniors (Roe Way)

Harris Junior Academy, Carshalton (Camden Road)

St Philomena’s Catholic High School for Girls & St Mary’s Catholic Juniors (Shorts Road)

Muschamp Primary (Muschamp Road)

Robin Hood Junior School (Thorncroft Road)

The concerning thing is that the consultation period is 15th March – 4th April.  They say that there will be a statutory consultation in the summer with a view to approved schemes going liove in Autumn 2021.

PLEASE if this affects you, make your voice heard, complete the consultation before 4th April

Bin it for Beddington

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