Highview Residents Association – a Local Initiative


Some will have heard of the current furore on the St Helier Estate and surrounding areas about the new Sutton Parking Strategy.  It is a strategy the  London Borough of Sutton are looking to roll out over a period of time, area by area – Beddington is last on their list – but it is coming.

But before then, Highview Residents have other issues – the former Playing Fields at Sheen Way, is it suitable for a SEN school and hundreds of vehicle movements on these congested streets?  Or the use of the Chase as a “rat run” as well as the pedestrian crossing outside the Primary School and the daily chaos of parking at the beginning and end of every school day.

We are pleased to hear that concerned residents are already looking to establish a Highview Residents Association and many will have received a leaflet – as Councillors, we cannot get directly involved in its establishment or constitution but we would encourage everyone on the estate to get involved and ensure that what happens locally is with the will of the residents not another imposition from the current ruling group at the Council.

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  1. The Chase already is an extremely busy rat run and over used by hgv lorries. Adjacent roads to Sheen Way playing fields far too narrow to take extra congestion. Imagine the extra pollution and traffic jams in Go walking Avenue and surrounding roads…. Stafford Road already very busy surely couldn’t take any extra traffic. The Chase with High View school again already very busy. Our one and only green space should be made into a community area with adult gym equipment and play park. Bushes and trees to attract wildlife. The field is not the place for any type of building. Let the school be built at Rose Hill where the roads and infrastructure are already in place.

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