Happy New Year

Well 2019 started much as the last year ended – a mail box full of people concerned about the non-collection of waste and our local Liberal Democrats majoring on Brexit rather than local issues.

And of course, local Independent Councillor Nick Mattey fending off the seventh Code of Conduct Complaint made against him by a Liberal Democrat Councillor since his re-election in May!!

But we are continuing to voice resident concerns about the ward of Beddington North and still have questions that don’t seem to have adequate answers:

Sheen Way Playing Fields: we were told that the allocation of the sole area of Green Space on the High View Estate was following a careful search of alternative sites in the Borough.  It wasn’t – that search was for Primary and Secondary School sites and during the search a Task & Finish Group for the Local Plan, lead by Councillor McCoy, made the allocation.  We were told that surveys had been carried out, that there would be Public Consultation in October.

So, we start the year with surveys now to “properly locate the High Voltage cables” – having seen the precision of the placement of these cables when the inept demolition crews went through one on Richmond Green and it needed replacing, it is difficult to take this as a credible rationale for the work currently being undertaken.

We support SEN education and understand the wish to improve the facilities offered to the Borough’s SEN pupils. But putting them in a cul de sac backing onto a busy railway line and, without access to any form of public transport, sending 240+ pupils on mini-buses through congested streets and providing a 100-car carpark for support staff goes against every vestige of common sense.

We will continue to oppose the plan.

Plough Lane: potentially good news here!  We are told that there is possibly budget available for highway improvements close to the Broadway and the Plough pub.  Special focus has been drawn to the pedestrian crossing next to the junctions of Collyer Avenue and Queenswood Avenue.  I have spoken about concerns voiced by local residents to me, but there will be consultation on the matter so please make your voices heard if you have any thoughts or ideas.

Beddington Lane: Planning applications have been submitted by both SUEZ for incinerator fuel derived from waste at the old County Skips site and by Prologis for the site in front of the incinerator.

Both proposals have the effect of visual improvement of the individual sites BUT there are massive traffic implications on both.  We have asked Head of Planning to offer a cumulative perspective on the traffic issues on Beddington Lane given that in addition to the Incinerator ambition of 350,000 tonnes of waste, SUEZ have the ambition of treating the same volume – but of course where Viridor send theirs up the chimney, SUEZ will be sending theirs out again to go up someone else’s chimney!

And of course – Prologis are talking of “logistics” with their warehousing or, put another way lorries and vans.

Residents of this area need to look carefully and consider their opinions on these developments and commuters too – there are three northbound thoroughfares – Purley Way, Beddington Lane and London Road, Hackbridge – existing plans for Felnex, Prologis, SUEZ et al means that you may want to look at the train timetables!

No-one in Beddington North is unaffected by these issues and it is important that you get involved.  Two meetings coming up – very close together but please try to make at least one of them!

Beddington North Neighbourhood Forum – Monday 21st January at Cricket for Change, Plough Lane at 6.00pm – 8.30 pm meeting dedicated to the Neighbourhood Plan

Beddington & Wallington Local Committee – Tuesday 22nd January at Croygas Sports Club, Mollison Drive.

If you cannot make the Local Committee, please submit any questions in writing to at least 5 working days before the meeting and they will respond!


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