Core Principles

Let’s See Sutton Change

We have a staturory responsibility as Councillors, to work to the benefit of the Borough of Sutton – the recent election resulted in a continued Liberal Democrat majority and leadership of the Council .

New Horizons for Future Generations?

However, representation on all the important committees means that Sutton Independent Residents have a voice and the residents of Beddington North will not be sacrificed in silence to the sometimes misguided policies of the ruling party – incinerators and the apparent priveleges afforded their operators over the rights of residents being an example. We haven’t got a magic wand – we can’t make it go away, but we can hold the operators and the Liberal Democrat leadership continually to account.

We do have a short list of 10 ambitions:

  1. A measurable improvement of air quality in Beddington North and across the Borough.
  2. Work at the traffic and parking problems that blight the Borough
  3. Cleanliness of our streets – not just “Bingate” but improved provision of  waste / dog poo bins and where they are located.  And let’s clean up with some help from business sponsorship.
  4. Transport – let’s work to get the X26 back at the Plough and get more people on public transport.
  5. In Beddington we are split by post code – SM and CR – it is one thing that we can’t blame on the Lib Dems but it makes a difference.  We can at least ask the question!
  6. Improved communication from us Councillors to residents – people need to know what is going on.
  7. Encourage involvement with the Beddington North Neighbourhood Forum and other local groups to let people change their lives rather than have a politician change it for them.
  8. Work together to make Beddington Park the amenity that the Borough deserves.
  9. Support lcoal groups fighting to re-open the Charles Cryer and keep the cultural life of our Borough alive.
  10. ???? ?- this one is blank because it is for you to tell us what you think – email any of us today and we will listen