Beddington North – It’s Not Too Late to Get Involved

If you wondered why you were in traffic jams in the past week or so the end of the tax year meant that for most major organisations, 2019/20 budgets come into play.

How might that affect us in Beddington – well, the Beddington Lane Improvement Scheme will swing into its next phase and we will be blessed with the temporary disruption that will bring!

Recently, we Councillors were invited to a briefing by National Grid about “The Beddington to Rowdown Cable Replacement Project”.  I have to say, we approached with some level of trepidation but were very impressed with their planning and the minimal level of disruption it will involve.


They will be introducing heavy cables (50 tons per kilometre!) at Rowdown (near New Addington) through existing tunnels to Beddington.  The only activity we will see at the Beddington Lane end is 2 – 3 HGV deliveries a week of steel to their base next to Wickes.

They have a dedicated Community Relations Team working on the project available 7 days a week, 7.00am – 7.00pm on 0800 0731047.

Thumbs up to National Grid for their planning and their pro-active communications!

However, it is not all good news for users and residents of Beddington Lane – Planning Committee on Wednesday will see the proposal from Prologis for warehousing on the site in front of the incinerator.

That new buildings will hide the incinerator and that is about the only good thing about this development – because it is all about logistics companies and transport. Access to and from the plant will be the incinerator access road and the roundabout – of course that will mean more traffic on Coomber Way and more heading north over Mitcham Common.  If Croydon North’s MP thought things were bad now, he ain’t seen nothing yet!

And don’t forget, we still have that other little matter of an application by SUEZ – whether you are philosophically opposed to a plant making incinerator fuel from waste, 24-hour working and 700 vehicle movements a day may tick you off.

Councillor Mattey has already put in an objection to the SUEZ application and from my seat on the Planning Committee,I will be posing some questions – but everyone needs to be aware of what is happening in Beddington North.

The Council is determined to railroad their plans for Beddington Lane, for taking SEN children out of the park and putting them next to the railway on Sheen Way and we haven’t yet had the pleasure of their thoughts on parking!

The Sutton Independent Residents will keep fighting on your behalf but make sure that you all get involved and have your say at:

Planning Committee is on Wednesday 24th April at 7.30 pm in the Civic Centre

Sheen Way Pre-Planning Presentation at Cricket for Change in Plough Lane 4.00pm – 8.00pm – just drop in anytime between those times on Thursday 25th April

Local Committee at the Croygas Sports Club on Mollison Drive 7.00pm on Tuesday 30th April.

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