For Beddington:

Tim Foster 

Resident in the Borough since 1979, Tim is married to Sue and has two children, Claire and Jordan, both born at St Helier and educated in local schools.  With degrees under their belts, they are pursuing their careers and have left home but the family is completed by 3-year-old Grandson, Arthur.

Tim became heavily involved with the Beddington North Neighbourhood Forum and in 2018 was elected a Councillor and has served since then on the Planning Committee and Strategy & Resources Committee.  He is Chair of the Conservation Access Management Committee (CAMC) for the Beddington Farmlands and has since driven progress and community involvement.

Jillian Green

Came to the Borough 40 years ago with husband, Keith and worked for many years in the public and private sector finally with the NHS in Croydon Hospital but better known locally for her work with Carshalton Park Rotary Club.  She is famously apolitical, repeatedly calling out both Liberal Democrats and Conservatives at Council when their politics appear to overtake the needs of residents!

A champion of the Highview Estate residents on the daft plan to build a school on the Sheen Way Playing Fields, she has served on Licencing, Housing Economy & Business Committee, Environment & Neighbourhood and the CAMC.

Nick Mattey

Originally elected in 2014 as a Liberal Democrat, his campaigning zeal against the incinerator and others of their policies lead to his expulsion from that party and he continued on as an Independent Councillor in Beddington and has done ever since.

Married to Cherry and another 40-year resident, Nick ran a successful business for many years but now, with his son Duncan running the business, he has plenty of time to dedicate his energies to campaigning for environmental improvements most especially in his opposition to the incinerator and the SDEN heating system used partly as a rationale for its original build.

For Wallington North:

Pamela Marsh

Moving to the Borough 30 years ago after growing up in neighbouring Croydon, Pam has worked in Primary Care and a variety of healthcare settings including work with learning disabilities and elderly care.  More recently, she has been working in finance roles in various industries,

Running a Residents Association locally, she is passionate about health, local neighbourhood and community but most of all her belief that local residents should be consulted, listened to and represented fairly. Even though she was not elected this time, she will continue to bring her energy and enthusiasm to her community.

Kingsley Hamilton

A lifetime resident in the Borough, Kingsley’s community credentials are well known – his double decker bus has been used for children’s outings and, as a long-time volunteer for Sutton Nightwatch, the same bus was a soup kitchen in the early days of that project. He has provided the sound system for the Remembrance Service at Carshalton Ponds – he may have taught you how to ride a motor cycle!

A family man of immense energy and commitment and a track record of community involvement, Kingsley will continue to serve his community even though he will have to wait a while to serve as a Councillor.

Katie Travers

Another lifetime resident of the Borough, Katie’s community spirit and involvement really shone through during the covid lockdown.  Her popular hairdressing salon could not operate normally so without hesitation, she set the shop up as a food bank – no prompting, straight in to help people. And the terrible circumstances in Ukraine didn’t pass her by – immediately the salon became centre for very specific health and care needs in that country.

Wallington North residents have missed the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of the energy, commitment and passion that Katie brings to any role. Residents have accepted a Council that thinks an attitude of “that’ll do!” in its service to residents and may regret a missed opportunity.

We salute all three of the Wallington North Team they knocked on a lot of doors and offered a real alternative to the current “average” representation.  Just wait until next time!!!