Tim Foster’s  my roots are firmly in this area.

His Dad grew up in Manor Road, Mitcham and Mum was brought up by her Uncle in Morden.  Memories go back to travelling up Beddington Lane in the 1960’s on visits to  Grandparents.

He moved with his wife Susan to Beddington in 1979 living originally in Upper Road behind Mellows Park then moving to Lavington Road in 1987. Two children born 15 years apart in St Helier Hospital – both went to Highview Primary – Claire went on to Wallington Girls while her brother Jordan went to Carshalton Boys. Both graduated – Claire with a BA in Marketing from Greenwich and Jordan last summer with a BSc in Psychology from Sheffield.

In 2012/3 when the London Borough of Sutton began their clearance of the elderly residents from Richmond Green, he became actively involved in the Beddington North Neighbourhood Forum (BNNF) working both for the BNNF and as a concerned local resident to understand the project and in 2017  was elected Vice Chair of the BNNF.

Jillian Green married Keith 40 years ago and moved from Essex to Wallington and have lived on the Highview Estate since 1979.

She worked as a PA to senior managers in the private and public sectors and in 1995 went to work for the NHS in Croydon Hospital as a Medical Secretary.  Totally apolitical, she nevertheless recognised the importance of making sure employess were always treated fairly according to the law and agreed policies.  And it is the lack of fairness in the Local Plan which is seeking to take away the last green space on the Highview Estate to build a school on the Sheen Way Playing Fields that prompted her to stand for her local community

Always active in the community with charity work and amateur dramatics, Jillian is probably best recognised locally for her work with Carchalton Park Rotary Club where she and Keith continue to put in sterling work.

Nick Mattey is the most recognisable character amongst the group. Elected a local Councillor in 2014 representing the Liberal Democrats, his disillusionment with their policies and his vocal rejection of the same led to him being expelled from the party.  He continued to serve the Beddington North Ward as an Independent Councillor – a position he upholds to this day.

A successful local businessman, Nick has lived in Beddington for over forty years raising a family with wife Cherry and has the good fortune of having his son, Duncan, capable of the hands on management of the business allowing Nick to devote the necessary time to his duties to the community.

A vocal opponent of the Beddington Incinerator for sound environmental reasons, he has fought waste in local Government and anywhere cronyism has reared its head.

He poured incredible energy and enthusiasm into the election campaign and, like all of us, would like to support any Independent thinkers in other wards who may need support in forthcoming by-elections