Happy Christmas and a Busy New Year

Well whatever your thoughts about the General Election – it’s over, we have a Government with a majority that will at least be able to do what is promises rather than being stymied by Westminster opposition. Time now to concentrate on local issues and, for Beddington North, that means some urgent and far reaching issues!

South London Waste Plan – Those who attended the recent meeting of the Beddington North Neighbourhood Forum will have heard a presentation about this plan.  We feel the plan, in its present form, is a disaster for Beddington and most especially Beddington Lane.

The plan allows for 647,429 tonnes of domestic, commercial and industrial waste to come to Beddington Industrial area – to give that number perspective, the total amount being handled by the balance of Sutton and the other three Boroughs in the South London Waste Partnership (Merton, Croydon and Kingston) is 298,916 tonnes.  Yes, under this fair process, Beddington sees over twice as much as the rest put together!

Why? Essentially, planning permission was granted to SUEZ on the old County Skips site on the basis that an inspection by Planning Enforcement in 2014 deemed that a stretch of tarmac and kerbstones being laid meant that planning for waste management was “extant” and the site could continue development as a waste site. 

So in spite of ongoing issues with the London Borough of Croydon about excessive HGV traffic, the promise of an HGV ban in Beddington Village and the London Borough of Sutton stating as long ago as 2009 that HGV traffic in Beddington lane was an environmental hazard – they are happy with 700 additional  HGV vehicle movements a day. We are NOT!!

You have until 22nd December to express your views –

Controlled Parking – We all had the opportunity to consult on this back in October and I hope that many of you did – your local Councillors, Jillian, Nick and I are due to meet up with the Council on 15th January for a briefing on what they propose for Beddington North – watch this space!

The Proposed School on Sheen Way – We still have no indication of a date for a Planning meeting. Everybody knows that the site is inappropriate and we only wish that the London Borough of Sutton had conducted a proper search for a site for a SEN school rather than fudging the issue – maybe they will yet.  As soon as we know the timetable, we will broadcast it and look forward to your support on behalf of the children who really do deserve better!

Tharp Road and Other Road Improvements – Aside from some signage issues and concerns from residents in Queenswood Avenue whose volume of “rat runners” appears to have increased, the Tharp Road one way system appears to be a success. Cllr Green has been working closely with Highways to iron out the detail, well done her!  We told you about other ideas that Highways have about the junction of Plough Lane / The Chase and the crossing at Collyer/Queenswood – well the measuring appears to be over so we wait for their specific ideas.

So you see, there is a lot of work to be done – Beddington Farmlands is progressing under the newly energised Conservation and Access Management Committee and we three Independent Councillors are continuing to put a shift in for residents on all local and Borough issues. 

Please get involved when you can – we now have some dates in 2020 for the Beddington North Neighbourhood Forum (BNNF) so make a note in your diaries:

27th January           23rd March                           11th May      

27th July                    21st September                   23rd November

Happy Christmas to you all and looking forward to a Prosperous New Year for us all!