Councillor Jillian Green Highview Resident and Champion for Sheen Way

As most of you know I rarely get political although as a close friend told me just by being a Councillor you have got yourself involved in the political arena.  My politics are doing all the good I can for those I represent and the wider community. It is no coincidence that residents from other wards have often contacted me asking for help and I quote “my Councillor does not respond to any request for help”.  I am not perfect but I hope I am doing a good job. 

However having thought long and hard about a situation that has arisen I really feel I must take a step into the political world.  To say I am angry is an understatement and if you read the front page of the Focus leaflet as detailed below you will know why.

This is the second time the Liberal Democrats have said I have done something I have not.  The first time was a full Council meeting when a statement was made by Councillor Mo Saqib that I had been canvassing for Neil Garratt when he was standing in the by-election in Belmont – categorically not true.  The second time is the libellous statement by Tom Brake that I have been working with Croydon Councillors – again not true. 

Residents know that I have consistently spoken out against the proposal to build a new SEND school on the Sheen Way Playing Field.  My objections are well documented and include an unacceptable increase in noise and air pollution which are two things the Liberal Democrats are keen to reduce.

In relation to the libellous statement Councillor Foster requested Mr Brake to retract it and publish an apology. Thus far there has been no response but we are not going to let the matter rest.

With the election looming Mr Brake will rely on a low turnout to retain his seat so come on folks get out there and vote.