By-Election in Wallington North – an Opportunity to think Independently

In May 2018, Beddington North Ward saw the greatest number of candidates for any ward in the London Borough of Sutton:

  • Liberal Democrats
  • Labour
  • Conservative
  • Green
  • UKIP
  • Independent

The result was that three Independent Councillors were elected by the residents of Beddington North – people wanted their voice heard!

The three, Jillian Green, Nick Mattey and Tim Foster formed a Group in the Council – Sutton Independent Residents – which has ensured proportional representation on Council committees meaning that Independent voices, not constrained by political or party allegiances are being heard.

We three are throwing our weight behind  Gervais Sawyer, Independent Candidate in the by-election in Wallington North on 28th March.

Gervais Sawyer, as a long- term local resident, can add volume to that Independent voice.  One of the most important roles for a Councillor is to scrutinise what is done in the name of local residents for local residents.  As we have seen on the National stage, even members of particular political groups will question their leadership on important issues.

Those who attend Local Committees and the Full Council will be familiar with the fact that there are no questions forthcoming from the ruling Liberal Democrat Councillors even on contentious matters like the current Parking Strategy when even local MP, Tom Brake, has questioned certain elements on social media.

The residents of Wallington North need a voice to ask the difficult questions on their behalf – Gervais Sawyer, as an Independent Councillor will do just that.

If you have not yet received your election leaflet, check out the link below.



Forthcoming works that may affect your journeys

Officers at the London Borough of Sutton have let us know of a number of carriageway / network issues that will affect Carshalton, Wallington and Hackbridge.

Before we clebrate the fact that for once, Beddington Lane is NOT mentioned, we all have school runs, work commitments and other local trips so worth making a note to see if any will affect you.

  • To repair the collapsing wall outside Honeywood in Pound Street (opposite the Greyhound), the northern footway will be closed, and there will be two way temporary traffic lights.The works are expected to take about eight weeks, starting on Monday 18th February. To help mitigate delays on the A232, traffic is being “invited” to use Ruskin Road as an alternative route.
  • Currently, emergency water repairs are being carried out in Acre Lane using two way temporary traffic signals. These works will be finished before Monday.
  • Also on Monday the 18th in Hackbridge Road, trial excavations start to establish the exact location and dimensions of the thirty six inch medium pressure gas main near the roundabout with London Road. These works are planned to take four days.This has to be done prior to fabricating a “saddle connector”, to connect the Felnex development to that gas main. Once the connector has been made, the contractors will need to return to carry out the physical gas connection. Currently this is planned for the Easter school holidays. Traffic control will be four way temporary lights on the roundabout, which will undoubtedly cause traffic delays.
  • In order to refurbish a bridge which has become structurally unsound, The London Borough of Merton are going to close a section of Bishopsford Road. This work is planned to start in March and last about ten weeks. I would expect there to be some knock on effect on Sutton’s network.
  • In Woodcote Road there was a serious gas leak, (gas had entered a block of flats). To enable this to be repaired, Blenhiem Road and Brambledown Road have both been closed at their junctions with Woodcote Road, and two way temporary traffic signals installed. It is hoped that this repair will be completed before the end of next week.
  • Also there is another set of two way signals in Woodcote Road, where the junction with Farm Lane is closed for the installation of a new trunk water main.

Highview Residents Association – a Local Initiative

Some will have heard of the current furore on the St Helier Estate and surrounding areas about the new Sutton Parking Strategy.  It is a strategy the  London Borough of Sutton are looking to roll out over a period of time, area by area – Beddington is last on their list – but it is coming.

But before then, Highview Residents have other issues – the former Playing Fields at Sheen Way, is it suitable for a SEN school and hundreds of vehicle movements on these congested streets?  Or the use of the Chase as a “rat run” as well as the pedestrian crossing outside the Primary School and the daily chaos of parking at the beginning and end of every school day.

We are pleased to hear that concerned residents are already looking to establish a Highview Residents Association and many will have received a leaflet – as Councillors, we cannot get directly involved in its establishment or constitution but we would encourage everyone on the estate to get involved and ensure that what happens locally is with the will of the residents not another imposition from the current ruling group at the Council.