It was only 3 weeks last Friday BUT WE HAVE BEEN BUSY

In the recent Local Council Elections, the voters of Beddington North broke the mould of local politics.  Disappointed by the divisiveness of party politics and experiencing the very worst of local decision making on a daily basis, the people of Beddington North delivered a decisive blow by electing three Independent Councillors – Nick Mattey, Jillian Green and Tim Foster.

Whoever you cast your vote for in that election, we have pledged to deliver the very best we can for this ward delivering a measurable improvement over the next four years.

And in case you are wondering why you haven’t heard much from us in these first few weeks, we have been getting the lie of the land and have already been busy with local issues.

  • Richmond Green – a meeting is being organised that will offer the opportunity for a group of local residents to voice their concerns over issues regarding the new build houses. That will include Council Officers, Contractors, Residents and of course Councillors.
  • Concerns have been raised about the delivery and quality of the first phase of the Beddington Lane Improvements. Again, a meeting with officers is scheduled for 6th June.
  • Action was taken by Jillian in support of a Street Party for the Royal Wedding and she is taking on the archaic processes and communication surrounding this community focus.
  •  There are parking issues all over the place – we have already heard of troubles in Beddington Grove and Headley Avenue. Whilst we are aware of a Council strategy document, this is one of our long-term target issues.
  • We were even able to help a lady in Meller Close who had overgrown vegetation from the local school property – thanks to the team at Beddington Park primary for their prompt action.
  • And of course, our most experienced Councillor, Nick Mattey, has been holding the ruling body to account on anything from issues with the Local Plan to the refurbishment of the Central Library which has left the Council without a suitable Chamber for Full Council meetings.

There has been another bonus for local residents that has come out of the last few weeks activity.  Those who saw our literature will have seen that whilst we all stood as Independent candidates, we worked closely together and that has continued with our recognition as a group – within the context of the London Borough of Sutton, we are now viewed as “Sutton Independent Residents” and we have proportional representation on important committees:

Nick Mattey will sit on the Housing Economy and Business Committee and the Audit and Governance Committee

Jillian Green will sit on the Environment and Neighbourhood Committee, the Scrutiny Committee and the Licencing Committee

Tim Foster will sit on the Planning Committee and the Strategy and Resource Committee.

The people of Beddington North have three very vocal representatives – we have found our voice and we would encourage you to participate.

A foundation stone of our local Government structure is the Beddington North Neighbourhood Forum whose next meeting is on July 2nd at Cricket for Change on Plough Lane – we’ll be there and hope you will too.



What a Result!

Last Thursday 3rd May, the local people went to the Polling Stations in Beddington North with the widest choice of candidates of any ward in the London Borough of Sutton – 3 x Labour, 3 x Conservative, 3 x Liberal Democrat (including two incumbent Councillors) 2 x UKIP, 1 x Green and three local residents standing as Independents.

The results announced around 3.30am on Friday morning brought gasps of astonishment and not a few cheers as the three Independent candidates – Nick Mattey, Jillian Green and Tim Foster topped the poll.

Your new Councillors would like to thank everyone who voted for them and pledge to work hard for them and every other person in the ward of Beddington North irrespective of their political allegiance.  We hope that the Liberal Democrats who still hold the balance of power in Sutton, reflect on this result and temper some of their wilder ambitions and, importantly start to listen to local residents.

Be sure we will!  Thank you again.


It’s called Local Election because all the things that concern you are local to you!

That was really brought home to me by an ongoing situation of a local planning issue.  Wandle Bank is a small cul de sac with older terraces of houses running the length of its unmade road, that is the responsibility of the residents and next to the road, the River Wandle.  Behind those houses lie their gardens and a single bungalow with a garden that stretches for perhaps three quarters of the length of the terraces.

Behind that bungalow lies the Flood Channel for the River Wandle and to the west, a terrace of houses that front onto Beddington Lane.

The owner of the bungalow has just submitted a Planning Application to demolish the building and build 4 houses – nothing wrong with that is there?

Well there is because planning applications were submitted in 2012, 2013,2016,2017 now 2018 and there was even a Planning Appeal turned down.  In spite of objections by residents from Wandle Bank and Beddington Lane, rejection by Transport, those residents are having to go through the trauma of the planning process all over again.

That is a very local issue and they deserve support from their elected representatives – but you have to be local to appreciate the issues and work on their behalf.

The same applies to the residents of Sheen Way with the prospect of construction of a new school on the Highview Estate and it applied to those in Chiswick Close, Twickenham Close and Richmond Road when the Richmond Green development was pushed through.

To planners, our houses are like little blocks of Lego on a board – to us, they are our homes, our refuge, our pride and our children’s future, that is why we need strong  local representatives at Council.

Vote for Jillian Green, Nick Mattey and Tim Foster in Beddington North on Thursday – we live here, we care and we will be very vocal on your behalf.