Sutton Independent Residents

This website is the home of Sutton Independent Residents, it reflects the desire for concerned and local residents to serve their community as Independent Councillors on the Council of the London Borough of Sutton.

That is independent of political dogma and allegiance – left wing, right wing, centrist or populist – what has politics got to do with making sure bins are emptied, the streets clean, children educated or the elderly and disabled cared for?

Nick Mattey, Jillian Green and Tim Foster stood for election in May 2018 and have proudly served residents in Beddington – we have served on all the major committees within the Council and are really pleased to have been re-elected in the 2022 Local Elections.

We were joined in those elections by three more committed local residents – Katie Travers, Kingsley Hamilton and Pamela Marsh who contested the neighbouring ward of Wallington North and sadly did not manage to overturn the current majority. All three did a cracking job and their passion and commitment would have been a real benefit to the Council and especially local residents.

The election returned a Liberal Democrat majority albeit a wafer thin one this time and it will be interesting to see if they forsake their dictatorial ways and listen to wise counsel from residents and other political parties.

We Independents will maintain our ambition to build a Sutton that we can all be proud of, focussed on:

  • Education and care for children
  • Care for the Elderly, Infirm or Vulnerable
  • Action on the Homeless
  • Value for money for council tax payers
    • from service providers
    • from Councillors
    • from Council employees
  • Investment in the Borough
  • Proactive action on health
    • Measurable improvement in air quality
    • Encouragement of activity and healthy options
    • Routine health education
  • Improved amenities
  • Improved communication / involvement with residents – working together, the combined energy of residents and the resources of the Local Authority will make a difference
  • Root and branch review of Council companies:
    • SDEN
    • Cognus
    • Sutton Living
    • Sutton Housing Partnership
    • Encompass
  • Contract reviews with all contractors especially on waste and environment.