3 Independents

This website is the home of Sutton Independent Residents, it is a platform for concerned and local residents to put themselves forward as Independent candidates in Local Elections. We most of us know of dedicated volunteers whose tireless energies in, for example, making our parks work, put the efforts of many Councillors with their lucrative allowances to shame.

That is Independent of political dogma or allegiance – left wing, right wing, centrist or populist – what has that got to do with making sure the bins are emptied and the streets clean?

It starts with Pride in where we live, looking to build a Sutton to be proud of.  But a view essentially shared by Nick Mattey, Jillian Green and Tim Foster when on May 3rd all three of us were elected to represent the ward of Beddington North – thank you to all those who voted.

We are focussed and looking for defined and measurable progress in the areas of:

  • Education and care for children
  • Care for the Elderly, Infirm or Vulnerable
  • Action on the Homeless
  • Value for money for council tax payers
    • from service providers
    • from Councillors
    • from Council employees
  • Investment in the Borough
  • Proactive action on health
    • Measurable improvement in air quality
    • Encouragement of activity and healthy options
    • Routine health education
  • Improved amenities
  • Improved communication / involvement with residents – working together the energy of residents, Residents Associations, Beddington North Neighbourhood Forum and the resources of the Local Authority to make the difference